What do you do if you are allergic to smoke?

What do you do if you are allergic to smoke?

By David Joel Miller

How do you work around smokers if you are allergic to smoke? Cigarette Smoking

Cigarette Smoking
Photo courtesy of Flickr (Iqbal Osman1)

This question originally came to me as an email from a counselor who is allergic to smoke. While they love the work, it its difficult being around people who are heavy smokers. This problem also applies to those who have allergies to perfume or other strong…

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Ways to take care of yourself.

Ways to take care of yourself.

By David Joel Miller

You deserve to be well cared for. Tender loving care

Tender loving care
Photo courtesy of Flickr (hehaden)

Did anyone teach you how to take care of yourself? Did they tell you that taking care of yourself is being selfish? Don’t listen to that kind of talk.

Taking good care of yourself is not being selfish. You can’t give others something you do not have. How can you expect your children and…

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What is causing the ADHD epidemic?

What is causing the ADHD epidemic?

By David Joel Miller

What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and why is it on the rise? ADHD

Photo courtesy of Flickr ( Life Mental Health)

ADHD appears to be everywhere. It is spreading faster than obesity. In my therapy practice most of my adult clients tell me that they were diagnosed with ADHD at some time in the past. Most of them have children with an ADHD diagnosis. It is…

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What is a mental health relapse?

What is a mental health relapse?

By David Joel Miller

Do people with depression, anxiety or emotional problems relapse? Wellness and Recovery

Wellness and Recovery
Photo courtesy of Flickr (Portland Prevention)

The term “Relapse” is increasingly being applied to mental illnesses and for good reasons.  Many people are familiar with the idea that people with a substance use disorder, alcoholics and drug addicts can relapse. The idea that people with a…

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My Stomach Growls When I am Hungry

My Stomach Growls When I am Hungry

David Joel Miller:

Something to think about.

Originally posted on Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog:


I admit it, my life revolves around food. I start the day with breakfast; eggs, toast and tea. By noon time, my stomach is growling and asking for more to eat, and I unfailingly grant its wish. Because of my own feelings about food, I have extra empathy for those who do…

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Why couples have communication problems

Why couples have communication problems

By David Joel Miller

There are reasons why two people have communication problems. Communication Problems

Communication Problems
Photo courtesy of Flickr (Ed Yourdon)

When couples come for relationship counseling the most common description of the problem is that they “have trouble communicating.” It is rarely that simple.

Both people speak the same language, in my office this is primarily some version of English. They…

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Writing a Great Paper or Report the Easy Way

Writing a Great Paper or Report the Easy Way

By David Joel Miller

Writing a great paper or report can be easier than writing a bad one. Term Paper

Term Paper
Photo courtesy of Flickr ( ilovebutter)

A few simple steps can transform a major difficult project into a manageable one and result in a great job with a lot less effort.

There are things that you may be doing that make that term paper or report a lot harder to do than it needs to be. Every…

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Ways to fight fair

Ways to fight fair

By David Joel Miller

The way you argue makes or breaks relationships Couple Quarreling

Couple Quarreling
“Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.

Sooner or later people in close relationships end up disagreeing and that leads to fights. By fights I am talking about arguments not episodes of physical violence. What happens during and after those disagreements determines the fate of the relationship.

Pile up a lot…

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Use Thought Stopping to get rid of negative thoughts

Use Thought Stopping to get rid of negative thoughts

By David Joel Miller

Are your own thoughts causing you problems? Thought Stopping

Thought Stopping
Photo courtesy of Flickr (jurvetson)

Negative emotions, depression, anxiety and anger are often preceded by negative thoughts. If your own thoughts are making your life worse it is time to get those thoughts turned off.

Thought stopping is a tool you can use to quiet the mind and get those run away thoughts to stop…

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5 mandatory skills for a happy healthy life

5 mandatory skills for a happy healthy life

By David Joel Miller

For a happy healthy life there are 5 must have skills Happy child

Happy child

Most happy life skills are relatively simple. You would think we would all have learned them shortly after birth. Just in case no one told you about these happy life skills or if over the years you have forgotten to practice some of these skills, here are the top 5 skills you need for a happy life.

1. Breath


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