15 Life Lessons you need to learn

15 Life Lessons you need to learn

By David Joel Miller

What life lessons do you still need to learn? Life Lessons

Life Lessons
Photo courtesy of Flickr (rseidel3)

There are certain life lessons you will need to learn soon or later. If you were taught them when you were young then you got off to a good start in life. If no one taught you these things you will need to go looking for teachers that can help you learn these lessons and develop…

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12 Ways to make you head a better neighborhood

12 Ways to make you head a better neighborhood

By David Joel Miller

Is your mind a scary place? 12 Ways to clean up that neighborhood. Bad Neighborhood

Bad Neighborhood
Photo courtesy of Flickr (dystopos)

1. Adopt a daily affirmation

Fill up that space between your ears with positive thoughts. Tell yourself you can. Remind yourself of the things that you do well.

Self-talk matters and replacing negative self-talk with positive affirmations can really help…

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Things you need to stop worrying about

Things you need to stop worrying about

By David Joel Miller

Worrying about the wrong things is keeping you stuck

Some things may be worth worrying about. Especially if that worry will spur you to take action and change something. There are a whole lot of things that consume people’s time in worry that really should not be on your list of things to worry about. Chuck these topics of worry for a happier more productive life.

1. Stop…

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How to be on time

How to be on time

By David Joel Miller

How do those consistently punctual people do it? Clock keeps you on time

Being on time
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Some people are always, almost pathologically, on time. Others are chronically late. Our western society is run on time. Things start at a particular time and then we are off to the next thing which also has a time. It can feel like we are being controlled by the clock.


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18 Ways you are a really bad parent

18 Ways you are a really bad parent

By David Joel Miller

18 ways to be a really bad parent child alone

Insecure child – from Flickr

Here are 18 really bad ways to treat children. Do them enough and you can destroy a child’s life. Some parents do these things out of ignorance, others out of meanness. (Want to be a good parent then avoid these traps.)

How many of these child warping parenting techniques do you use?

1. Never tell your kids you…

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12 Relationships that make you unhappy

12 Relationships that make you unhappy

By David Joel Miller

Some relationships problems are guaranteed to make you unhappy

Humans have and need relationships whether you want them or not. Some relationships contribute to happiness and some create a great deal of misery. Romantic relationships can make us happy and they can be the greatest source of unhappiness. But lovers are not the only relationships that can be making you unhappy.

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The link between Smoking and Depression

The link between Smoking and Depression

By David Joel Miller

Cigarette Smoking and Mental Illness

Cigarette Smoking and Mental Illness
Photo courtesy of Flickr

Smoking may be the cause not the result of depression

People who smoke are far more likely to become depressed than nonsmokers. About 40% of smokers suffer from a mood disorder, largely depression, while the rate in the whole population is typically in the range of 2% to 10% in any one year.

The connections between…

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16 Ways to create a happy life

16 Ways to create a happy life

By David Joel Miller

Not feeling very good about your life? Here are 16 ways you can make your life a happier environment.

Happy dog

Happy dog

1. Do things you can be proud of

When you do things you are proud of you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself it makes you happy.

2. Do things for others

Doing good deeds will make you happier than doing selfish ones. Whenever we are able to…

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How to have a highly productive life

How to have a highly productive life

By David Joel Miller

Highly productive people, how do they do it? 1. Productive People Set Goals

Life happens whether you are ready for it or not. Knowing where you want to end up charts your course. Productive people think about the end result they want. What will it look like when they have accomplished that goal?

2.Productive People Plan the Steps

Goals are nice. Someday you want to own your…

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